As a certified service organization by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for nearly 10 years, Canada Energy Audit is always seeking talented and innovative professionals to train to become Registered Energy Advisors under NRCan's EnerGuide Rating System.

If you are interested in applying and would like to know more about our training curriculum, please forward your resume and cover letter to

Overview of Qualifications for Energy Advisors
The following the qualifications is considered in the selection of energy advisor training candidates:

- college or university diplomas, or training in a relevant field
- relevant experience, such as home or fire safety inspections or energy evaluations
- membership in good standing with a professional designation in a relevant field


In addition to having skills in the use of computer, the Internet, and email, candidates must have, as minimum, knowledge and skills in the following areas:

- construction and renovation practices for existing low-rise housing specific to the candidate’s region
- building science, including the "house as a system"
- basic arithmetic and geometry
- residential building materials (insulation types, windows, sealants, air, moisture and vapour barriers, etc)
- residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

Energy Advisor Training

Foundation Exam Prep

Energy Advisor Exam Prep

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