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energy star® new homes
for builders 

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energy STAR

ENERGY STAR® rated homes are being built all across Canada, and they are the leader in energy efficient technology.


As a service organization, we understand the importance for builders to implement ENERGY STAR® homes in their new construction projects.

incentives for homeowners

There will also be benefits for the homeowners. They are receiving great incentives from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Genworth Financial, as they are providing a 10% refund on their mortgage loan insurance when they purchase a new ENERGY STAR®  home.


benefits for builders


Homes built to ENERGY STAR® New Homes Standard, are awarded a nationally recognized ENERGY STAR® label by the Government of Canada.

2. Program flexibility

The ENERGY STAR® for New Homes program offers two flexible construction options for builders.


One is Performance Path, which involves energy modelling the home using NRCan’s energy simulation software.


The Second is Perspective Path Which Includes several builder option packages based on provincial location.


Not only can we guarantee energy efficient homes, we can also save home owners hundreds of dollars on their energy bills.

3. enhanced customer satisfaction

You can become part of a growing network of builders, trades, suppliers, utilities, and others who are changing the way we build homes

4. growing market

As a member, you will have access to expertise in building science, training and overall support.

5. New opportunities

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