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Do You Have a High Energy Bill Because Of Your AC Unit? Start Saving with a Home Energy Evaluation!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Your air conditioner can increase your electricity bill by 43%. Decrease your energy consumption with a professional home energy evaluation in Ontario and take the smart approach to your monthly bill financials.

Canada Energy Audit is comprised of a qualified team that can provide you with a comprehensive home energy assessment in Toronto and the GTA that can instantly save you money and keep your home comfortable year-round. We have performed over 7,000 home energy evaluations and we have had the pleasure of working as one of the select preferred vendors to both Enbridge and Union Gas utilities.

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Four ways you can save on your monthly AC bills

The cost of keeping your home cool during the summer months can be increased based on your usage, and at Canada Energy Audit, we are always looking for ways to save you money. Whether you have a new air conditioning unit or an older system that works great, there are always ways to save. Our detailed home energy evaluation will provide you with cost-saving alternatives without compromising the quality of your home. Here are four ways a home evaluation increases your air conditioning efficiency:

  1. Sealing windows and doors. Canadian homeowners are paying for air-conditioned air that doesn’t benefit their home environment through unsealed windows and doors. Our team will check for air leakage and any signs of air drafts that may contribute to your high energy bills throughout the summer months. Additionally, any solar and mesh window screens or window films are great ways to block the heat from getting inside the house. Stop paying for the cold air that’s not reaching your home and get an energy assessment today.

  2. Placing your thermostat in an efficient place. If your thermostat is placed on an exterior wall or near a window, it can register an incorrect reading and improperly turn on your air conditioner more frequently. We can help place your thermostat in a smart area so that it only registers your home’s temperature for a highly efficient and money-saving air conditioning system.

  3. Keep up with repairs and maintenance. Dirty filters and blocked airflows can make your air conditioning system work two times as harder, increasing your monthly bills. Simply cleaning or replacing filters once a month can lower your energy consumption by 15% and ensure that other appliances in your home are not blocked with debris. Prioritizing your AC unit’s cleanliness will not only have a positive impact on your home’s air quality but will also extend the life of your system.

  4. Schedule an annual home energy audit. Having a professional HVAC expert and auditor ensure your home is efficient can have a drastic impact on how much you’re paying monthly for your air conditioning unit. We can remove accumulated dirt, check for defects and address any issues that may result in expensive replacements or repairs if not taken care of. Additionally, we will also provide you with any other money-saving alternatives year-round that can add up to substantial savings.

A professional home energy evaluation will result in more money in your pocket!

Improve your home for tomorrow. We will help you the whole way to fully take advantage of energy rebate programs so you can have a happy energy-efficient home stress-free today! Contact us today to speak to one of our qualified experts and enhance your home’s efficiency year-round!

Get in touch with us by calling us at 1-888-298-9458!

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Your air conditioner can make your electricity bill go down by doing regular tune up of your HVAC unit. Also, you can ask HVAC Contractors to help you getting energy efficient ac units so that you can have low electricity bills.

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