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Home Energy Audits This Spring: Learn How To Qualify For Free Rebates Today!

When homeowners have their homes checked by a professional auditor, they’ll be putting in a good investment that helps them save money on their homes over a longer period of time. We also provide free energy grants for air conditioning over the summer and will handle all the necessary paperwork that is involved.

A home energy audit is an extensive inspection that calculates the total energy consumption within your house, including devices powered by electricity and fossil fuels for lighting, as well as heating and cooling appliances. This practice is done to determine what areas in your home can be more energy-efficient and find ways to save money each month. You’ll also be able to get free energy grants for attic insulation and other special rebates that can be taken care of by Canada Energy Audit.

To help you understand what goes on in a home energy audit, we’ll go over what usually gets covered, how much an audit will cost, and how you can take advantage of the free rebates involved.

Yes! Free energy grants are available for AC, Furnace, Water Heater, Heat Pumps, Attic Insulation, Basement Insulation and Windows & Doors.

What Is Covered In An Energy Audit?

A home energy audit can entail many different things, but the ultimate goal is to measure the energy efficiency of your home in certain areas. It’s always conducted by a certified registered energy advisor and they’ll inspect whichever area you want to be checked for an energy efficiency rating. For example, if you’re conducting a home energy audit to qualify for a green home tax credit, the energy advisor will help you ensure you meet the requirements and recommend changes to achieve the incentive.

The registered energy advisor has many years of experience providing homes with a proper audit. They’re usually trained by and go through examination by Natural Resources Canada to achieve certification. This makes sure you can trust your advisor because they're knowledgeable and educated about what they can do.

An average home energy audit often includes an inspection of your home’s insulation levels, specifically in areas such as basements and attics or HVAC systems. The energy advisor will evaluate the effectiveness of the insulation and how it is installed in your home. They’ll also check the quality of your doors and windows, conducting blower door tests to see how much heat is lost through leaks or cracks. This assessment will help you determine how your home performs in terms of energy efficiency.

The whole process can be completed in between three to five hours, depending on how much is inspected. Afterwards, the home energy advisor will provide you with a report and EnerGuide label that recommends possible improvements and renovations you could perform to make your home more energy-efficient.

The EnerGuide labels can often be seen on appliances or furnaces with an energy efficiency rating vetted by Natural Resources Canada and the Government of Canada. The labels are a special classification that helps homeowners make informed decisions based on a product’s carbon footprint. They’re important because they can be a contributing factor in evaluating how energy efficient your home is, its environmental impact, and steps to make it more efficient in the future. It also highlights which areas use the most energy in your home through simple percentages.

Each upgrade suggested in the energy audit is usually categorized by least to most effective. The energy advisor can also provide an estimated cost and help you apply for government rebates to mitigate costs.

How Does A Home Energy Audit Cost?

A home energy audit for an average-sized single-family home can cost between $300.00 to $500.00 CAD, depending on how much time is spent on the inspection, how many areas are evaluated, and the type of service you’re being provided for. Afterwards, you’ll have to consider the total costs of potential upgrades and retrofitting projects around your home.

In some cases, energy audits for homes can be free of charge because of more recent government green home renovation programs. As more and more people try to reduce their environmental impact, costs for efficiency evaluations can be mitigated for homeowners looking for a great deal. These costs can also be subsidized to a certain amount, spending on which program you participate in.

Think of a home energy audit as less like an extra expense and more of a sustainable investment that can lead to long-term savings. You’ll get more comfortability out of an energy-efficient home than one that wastes your heating or cooling. Let’s go over how you can take advantage of the free rebates for an audit.

How Can I Take Advantage Of Free Rebates?

At Canada Energy Audit, we’ll help you save money on your monthly energy bills by handling all the necessary paperwork for rebates and grants. An energy audit is well worth the time and price for your home because you’ll be able to know which areas are more energy-efficient than others. You’ll also be able to save more money and hot/cool temperatures when they count. Special government rebates make this possible by mitigating any extra costs.

Contact Canada Energy Audit today to learn if your home is eligible for rebates and free energy efficiency grants. Take advantage and speak with a home energy advisor now!


Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma
Sep 25, 2023

Tax Consultant Prince George has nailed it with this informative piece on qualifying for free rebates. The real-world examples and tips make it easy to grasp the concepts. I appreciate the effort to empower individuals with knowledge that can help them save money.


Akshay Inventum
Akshay Inventum
Jun 10, 2023

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this amazing post, It was really so much informative, Enegry Audit is the most essential topic in today's world everyone should conuduct energy audit & forward a step toward Green Environment & Energy Saving. You can get more things to know about Energy Audit or if you want to conduct Energy Audit Services, then we can help out you, we have a team of highly qualified & Experienced Energy Auditors.

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