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How can your building save more energy? Listen up, property managers!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As a hard-working and passionate property manager or landlord, you are always looking for ways to help with your financial responsibilities. Apart from enhancing your tenants’ living experiences, you also have a vow to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

With the majority of building expenditures being spent on energy bills, it’s your top priority as a building manager to look for efficient ways to save. Have you taken advantage of the Canada energy rebates program that aims to meet green standards while drastically reducing your energy consumption in your commercial or residential building?

You take care of your building. We take care of your energy savings.

We can help you apply for money-saving energy rebates in Ontario that can be applied immediately to contribute to substantial savings long-term. Trim your energy budget with Canada Energy Audit, and follow some fool-proof ways to consistently save!

Canada Energy Audit is a certified Service Organization by Natural Resources Canada to perform residential energy evaluations in accordance with ENERGUIDE's latest procedures and standards. As the largest Service Organization in Canada, CEA has taken pride in delivering quality service for over a decade in performing over 70,000 home energy evaluations. Plus, we take care of filling out all the correct paperwork so that your experience is seamless and easy!

Get in touch today at 1-888-298-9458 and get access to thousands of rebates - fast!

Wall switch dimmers

Lighting dimmers are a quick and productive way to reduce your building’s energy usage and can be customized to the space and occupancy of your rooms. We can advise you on progressive solutions such as wireless receptacle controls and plug load controllable to help eliminate vampire power draw that uses unnecessary energy for the whole building.

Occupancy-sensing (OS) power strips

Power strips draw electricity whether or not devices and appliances are turned on. Even if a device is used upwards of 10 hours a day, a power strip draws energy for 24 hours. You can instantly reduce the energy being wasted by implementing occupancy-sending power strips that have motion sensors to shut down whenever someone exits a room. OS power strips give you the power of only using energy when an individual enters a room, without the added costs of paying for energy that you don’t reap the benefits from.

Shading systems

A complete shading system can reduce any glare heat, and not to mention, energy costs. While natural sunlight is great year-round, it can boost overheating in a particular space and affect the HVAC systems. Shading systems come equipped with automatic motorized shades that can be programmed to rise and lower depending on the levels of sunlight products, keeping rooms at an optimum temperature for maximum comfort.

Automatic daylight controls

While it makes sense to not waste energy in spaces with abundant natural light, we still rake in your energy bills by paying for energy to illuminate a well-lit space. Implementing automatic daylight control can automatically reduce electric light levels based on the amount of daylight available that comes through windows and skylights. These innovative photosensors can reduce your building’s energy consumption by a whopping 40%!

Apply for the Canada Energy Rebates today and reduce your energy bills instantly!

At Canada Energy Audit, our track record does all the talking. With over 70,000 individuals raving about our services, it’s time to join them! Get up to $5,000 in rebates for insulation, air sealing, new windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces and home energy assessments.

You can request your proposal today and speak to a certified energy representative and explore all your money-saving options!

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