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Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Rating And Save More Money | Professional Home Energy Audits

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient and reduce their environmental carbon footprint. Government sectors have taken notice of this change by encouraging homeowners with Canada energy rebates to retrofit their existing infrastructure. This is just the right time to undergo a home energy audit and our Canada Energy Audit team can provide assistance.

A home energy evaluation typically consists of a series of tests designed to pinpoint air leaks, test insulations, and measure the efficiency of home heating and cooling systems. It’s always conducted by an efficiency expert that knows what to look for and can guide you on your next steps. Soon after, you’ll be able to prioritize different projects and start saving money while we handle the paperwork.

Free energy grants are available for AC, Furnace, Water Heater, Heat Pumps, Attic Insulation, Basement Insulation and Windows & Doors.

Canada Energy Audit is a certified Service Organization by Natural Resources Canada to perform residential energy evaluations in accordance with ENERGUIDE's latest procedures and standards. As the largest Service Organization in Canada, CEA has taken pride in delivering quality service for over a decade in performing over 70,000 home energy evaluations.

A home energy audit is best done ahead of the spring season, so we’ll detail more information on what you can expect during the process. We’ll explain the amount of savings you can expect after performing the upgrades and the benefits of getting a yearly home audit. We’ll also list out the reasons why you should outsource the audit to our team.

How Much Can I Expect To Save After I Perform The Upgrades?

You can expect to save as much as 60% on your yearly home energy costs after you’ve performed the upgrades on your home. It’s a rough beneficial estimate of a home energy audit, wherein an advisor or professional energy technician evaluates the overall efficiency of your home. They’ll often measure the square footage of your home and check your doors and windows. Next, they’ll evaluate the levels of insulation installed in the ceiling, wall, and basement. Lastly, a blower-door test is conducted to see how much air leakage there is around entranceways and exits.

For homeowners who take the initiative to upgrade their old infrastructure, the potential energy savings could amount to thousands of dollars annually. This is a boon for houses with large families or inhabitants. Although the initial investment of energy-efficient upgrades can be high for some people, there are small ways you can get started now.

For example, installing a smart thermostat is relatively inexpensive and can provide significant savings on your home heating costs. You can also think about replacing your current insulations in your home with new material or sealing windows or doors where drafts are present. The results may not be as immediate as you’d like, but the savings will gradually climb as you upgrade more areas of your home.

Once the recommendations have been implemented, the energy advisor will provide a post-retrofit evaluation that gives you a special home rating. Once again, we’ll handle the documentation to ensure your home has value for when you decide to sell to potential buyers. An excellent energy efficiency rating for your home can greatly benefit you in the long term. Let’s break down some other benefits of a yearly home energy audit.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Yearly Home Audit?

The benefits of a home energy audit start with the energy rating you’ve been given after upgrading your home. The special government rebates mitigate the costs associated with retrofitting and more savings can be earned once the upgrades are complete.

Homes with high energy ratings are more desirable and can save you more money in the long run. In addition to reduced energy bills, you’ll also be increasing your home’s comfortability, making your rooms more bearable during the cold winter months. Your home’s heating and cooling costs will also come down around 15% afterwards, keeping a consistent room temperature throughout the year with no fluctuations. You’ll never have to worry about cold spots in your home again.

There are substantial benefits to making your home more energy-efficient and it all starts with a home energy audit conducted by one of our advisors. To help you better understand their role, we’ll detail why you should outsource the energy auditing job to them.

Why Should I Outsource My Home Energy Audit?

As a team consisting of qualified contractors, advisors, and professionals, we want to help you get more energy savings for your home as soon as possible. By outsourcing your home energy audit to us, you’ll be relying on a certified service that adheres to industry standards and has conducted over 70,000 home energy evaluations. We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service and helping you save money on your home.

Get special rebates on energy efficiency projects for your home now. Contact Canada Energy Audit today to book a Home Energy Audit with our contractors and start reaping the rewards and benefits!

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