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Maximize your home’s comfort and minimize your spending with a winter home audit!

Space heating costs the average Canadian homeowner nearly $1,113 a year, while 54% of that cost is on energy bills! Have you gotten your home energy evaluation yet?

Temperatures are starting to drop in Canada, but you’re going to stay warm for the duration of the winter in your cozy home! You can take advantage of energy rebates and optimize your home’s comfort when the weather changes. Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a report with your home’s current energy rating, and a potential energy savings rating, with recommendations on how you can enhance your home’s energy usage.

When you have your home’s efficiency audited, you gain valuable access to information about your home, including which improvements to prioritize for maximum savings. While you may be thinking that summer might be the best time to get your home’s energy evaluated, winter is the perfect time to contact our experts to save money!

Is your house ready to tackle the winter full force?

As the weather gets colder, a comprehensive audit will make a huge impact on your indoor comfort.

Getting a professional energy audit can help you understand how you can make your home more winter-proof, even when the freezing temperatures take over. Your house might need air sealing and cellulose insulation to keep valuable heat inside your living spaces. If you have seen a recent spike in your energy bills, it might be time to consider switching from an oil to a gas heating system that will warm up your house without raking up your costs.

Getting a winter energy audit will benefit you year-round

The matter of fact is that whatever is making your home uncomfortable in the winter may be the exact same reason your home is too hot in the summer. One of the biggest reasons for uneven interior temperatures is the lack of attic insulation that lets heat escape in the winter and lets unwanted heat enter during the summer. Leaky ductwork might be another reason you’re spending your money on wasted energy - when the air conditioning and heat escapes, your home won’t reach optimal comfort.

A detailed winter energy audit can resolve numerous issues that you may not have thought about, while we can further advise you on how you can reduce your monthly energy bills.

Get your furnace maintenanced ASAP

Stay warm this winter by getting your furnace checked by an HVAC professional that can ensure your furnace filters are replaced regularly. Not prioritizing your system can result in your furnace working extra hard to keep your home warm, while you pay the price. It is also highly recommended to examine any blocked air vents that may block healthy air circulation and help keep your HVAC systems running smoothly.

During your comprehensive energy audit, we can highlight all the ways that keep your systems working at their highest level.

Combat the cool and stay warm this winter!

Want to hear a nice surprise? We can help you reduce your energy costs when the cold weather hits and it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your home’s warmth! We can conduct a home energy assessment that can give you great insight into how much energy your home is exactly using, helping you make informed decisions for the future.

Hiring our professional audit services means that your home will be inspected from top to bottom, to every nook and corner of your house. We can give you a comprehensive list of what can be improved within your home, resulting in your coziest winter to date! Contact us for a quote today and begin saving your money today!

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