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Want Free Money? Apply For Energy Grants For Your Furnace With Our Home Energy Assessment Experts!

Furnace replacements can help you gain beneficial energy and utility savings all throughout the year. While many homeowners choose to install new replacements or have technicians service them during the fall or winter, you should consider replacing your old furnace during the summer to take advantage of special energy rebates from the government. These free energy grants for furnaces can be attained through extensive home energy assessments from Canada Energy Audit.

Our team will help you file all the paperwork necessary for these energy rebates to get you free money and big savings for your home. We’ll guide you on energy-efficient retrofit projects you can do around your home to qualify for programs like the Canada Greener Home Grants, which can net you around $5000 in rebates.

We’re a certified home energy auditor service that takes great pride in delivering quality energy evaluations around your home. A retrofitting project you can start with, in order to make your home more energy-efficient, is replacing your old furnace with a newer model that uses less energy.

Why Is It Cheaper To Install A Furnace In The Summer?

There are several reasons why it’s cheaper to install a furnace in the summer. One of them is the fluctuating levels of supply and demand. Heating and cooling equipment is often sold together, with one or the other being in more demand whether it’s warm or cold. During the summer, heating furnaces are in less demand because no one is heating their home. If you decide to replace your AC during the summer, then consider purchasing a furnace as well to take advantage of deals and discounts. Installing both units together may also result in lower costs than installing them separately.

Newer furnace models have electronically commutated motors (ECMs) that can reduce your overall electricity and energy costs. Compared to older furnaces that use less efficient motors to circulate warm air throughout your home, a new furnace purchased in the summer can save you money for your wallet and utility bill. It’s also considerably more cost-effective long-term to install a new furnace than provide constant repairs and maintenance on it. The cost of installation during the summer is also lower compared to peak services in the fall or winter and a better value for your bottom line.

Summer is the best time to have your furnace inspected because technicians are mostly free during this time. It gives you enough time to decide whether your unit needs an upgrade or a new replacement since the average lifespan of a furnace is between 12-15 years. You may be able to find a great deal on a new furnace because previous models get carried forward from last winter if you shop around.

How Can CEA Help You Optimize All Your HVAC Systems During The Summer?

Our team can help you optimize your HVAC system during the summer through two energy audits that take into account the energy-efficient appliances in your home. In addition to installing a newer furnace with a sustainable output of warm air, you should also consider installing a smart thermostat to improve your comfortability and save money on your energy bill. The thermostat can be easily controlled to allow for customized temperature settings, depending on who is in your home and for how long.

The home energy audits usually take place before you retrofit or renovate part of your home and after the changes have been made. During your first assessment, you receive an EnerGuide report that provides your home with an initial rating, based on data collected from your furnace. Knowing these statistics will help you analyze your current furnace’s performance and optimize it with a newer model if needed.

At Canada Energy Audit, our specialized auditors find out where your home loses heating from your furnace the most and how much greenhouse gas emissions it produces. This audit can be done in the summer when your furnace is less used and gives you more time to consider your HVAC options for your home. We’ll also get you the best rebates when you do decide to replace the furnace.

How Does CEA Help Me Get The Most Rebates When I Replace My Furnace?

During our energy audits, our team will take care of all the necessary paperwork involved to help you qualify for programs like the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Upgrading your old furnace will not only help fight climate change but also reduce your overall energy costs and usage. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the improvements you can make and places where you can find the best rebates.

Contact Canada Energy Audit today to meet with one of our professional home energy auditors. Work with us to secure the best rebates and savings for your home throughout the summer.


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