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Want To Keep More Money In Your Pocket? Qualify For Free Energy Grants!

As we head into the spring and summer seasons, you’ll most likely be relying on your air-conditioning system to run smoothly for long periods of time. Naturally, this will require a lot of electricity and increased costs on your monthly utility bills. To get the most value out of your home and help you save on these costs, consider having a specialist conduct a home energy audit to give you the best rebates possible. If your home qualifies for different rebates, you’ll be able to save on your overall energy bills while improving the efficiency of your home’s AC system.

Canada Energy Audit provides homeowners with Enbridge home rebates and free energy grants for water heaters, among other consultation services. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced contractors and energy specialists certified by Natural Resources Canada. We have the right knowledge and know-how to determine what aspects of your home qualify for beneficial rebates and areas of improvement.

Our service is always reliable and we have conducted over 70,000 home energy evaluations for many homeowners. If you’re still considering Canada Energy Audit to conduct an audit for your home, here is how you can get started to take advantage of these special rebates.

Contact Canada Energy Audit now to see if you’ll be eligible for up to $2800 in cash savings and rebates, with up to $1000 more added within six weeks after an audit is performed. Speak with one of our specialized energy advisors today to see if your home qualifies!

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible For Energy Rebates?

Before you determine if your home is eligible for energy rebates, you must complete a home energy assessment that will be conducted by one of our registered energy advisors. Our staff is specially trained to look for areas where efficiency can be improved and where rebate savings can best be applied. The energy advisor will evaluate how your home uses overall energy and suggest potential upgrades to help you limit your rate. They’ll then explain how these things work together. When you’ve completed at least two of their recommended home upgrades, you’ll get your money back from rebates through cheques.

If you qualify for rebates, your overall home energy costs will decrease and make your rooms comfortable annually. Some rebates can result in upwards of $5,000 in savings when upgrades are performed on home insulation, open cracks, windows, doors, water heaters, boilers, and furnace systems, just to name a few examples.

Another point to note is that your odds of being eligible for rebates go up if you’re planning to renovate or replace old equipment within your detached or semi-detached home. Bonus points if your home also has a permanent foundation and is heated with a natural gas furnace or boiler.

How Do I Get My Energy Rebates If I Live In Ontario?

To get your home energy rebates in Ontario, you’ll have to undergo two home energy audits. It will consist of an evaluation before renovations have begun and another inspection after renovations have been finalized. After the energy advisor conducts the audits, they will help you choose the most cost-effective options to renovate, in order to qualify your home for the rebates. From there, rely on a professional contractor service to perform the renovations safely and effectively.

In the second home energy assessment, usually taking place within 120 days, they’ll handle and submit all the necessary paperwork to confirm your eligibility for the rebates. Afterwards, you can expect the rebate cheque to be sent by mail around 60 days after the audit results are sent.

For every additional upgrade you install to make your home more energy-efficient, you may also qualify for incentives of up to $750.00. In some cases, you may also be reimbursed for the initial energy assessments made for your home. Speak with your energy advisor to see what their service covers.

By working with Canada Energy Audit, you’ll get the best return on investment.

How Can CEA Help Me Get Back The Most Amount Of Money?

If you choose Canada Energy Audit today, you’ll join thousands of eager homeowners already taking advantage of the free energy grants and rebates provided by the government. The goal of these rebates is to encourage energy efficiency and carbon reduction in many residential homes. You’ll be able to get the most significant savings for upgrades performed on your AC furnace, heat pumps, water heaters, and attic and basement insulation.


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