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what is energy tv?

We strive to entertain and educate our audience about the ever growing environmental landscape of our planet. 

In Energy TV, we are producing short videos about our homes environmental impact, a podcast series about Canada's energy industry's finest discuss our changing world, and much more.

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how to help the environment
from your home

If you're like many environmentalists, you want to do your best to help the environment. But did you know your home, and many others contribute to 17% of Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

In this series, we explore the any ways we can reduce our carbon footprint with our very own home.

Adam J. Peddle (Digital Marketing Director)


Some of Canada's top energy industry professionals sit down and discuss the ever growing landscape of rebate programs, auditing services, technology, and our environment. 

energy efficiency speaking series

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You want to become an NRCan Energy Advisor, but you’re not sure where to go? There are so many different training courses, some only offering half of the training.


Wouldn’t it be simple if you could learn, and become an Energy Advisor all in one place?

energy advisor training course