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Upgrade Your Attic Insulation And Get Free Money | Professional Home Energy Evaluations

Did you know that there are special provincial programs and grants that give free money for upgrading their attic insulation? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s part of the Ontario government’s strategy to incentivize homeowners to upgrade their current insulation solutions to more energy-efficient models. Free energy grants for attic insulation can be obtained through extensive home energy evaluations performed by a certified energy auditor. There are plenty of grants available for homeowners if they qualify and help make it easier to undertake key retrofitting projects, at no extra cost.

At Canada Energy Audit, we want to help you take major steps to reduce the overall energy present in your home and help you unlock some of these rebates and grants. We’re a helpful service organization certified by Natural Resources Canada that will help guide you through programs like the Ontario Home Energy Rebates or Canada Greener Homes Grant.

Thousands of Canadians are already taking advantage of the free energy grants for AC, Furnace, Heat Pumps, Water Heater, Attic and Basement insulation, Windows and Doors. Information is simple and free - it can be as simple as "You are eligible to receive $2,800 cash and another $1,000 within 6 weeks!"

Am I Eligible For Energy Rebates in Ontario?

Your eligibility for energy rebate programs and grants largely depends on the qualifications and conditions stated in each. Luckily for many homeowners, the provincial and federal Canadian governments have created a variety of grants and rebates you can apply for.

One example is the Canadian Greener Homes Grant, which allows homeowners to increase their home attic insulation, reduce heat or cold air loss, improve energy usage, and save money in the short and long term. To qualify for the reimbursement, you’ll have to insulate a minimum of 20% of the total area around your attic or ceiling and increase its insulation value (or R-value/RSI). The new insulation should also be installed in the same location on the attic floor or ceiling as the previous one. For this grant, it’s important to consider that the total amount awarded used for the attic or flat roof cannot exceed $1800. The total reimbursement amount will be calculated based on the total percentage of the attic space you’re planning to insulate.

Another energy rebate is the Attic Insulation Ontario Rebate Program. To be eligible for this rebate, you’ll need to be a homeowner of a detached, semi-detached, or row-town home property. Afterwards, a work agreement should be completed by a licensed, participating contractor by a specific date, mentioning standard details that need to be fulfilled as well as dealing with other necessities.

If you fail to qualify for any of those rebates, you may also try applying for the Home Efficiency Rebate initiative, which offers homeowners all across Ontario up to $5000 in-home renovation savings. Once you receive this rebate, you’ll be able to use it for attic, window, door, furnace, and boiler insulation. This will allow you to improve your home energy efficiency, giving you an immediate payback on your monthly energy bills. You’ll also have to be an Enbridge or Union gas homeowner client in order to be eligible for this grant.

As you can see here, you have plenty of different options for home energy rebates. It further proves that improving your attic insulation can significantly help you save on your energy bills.

How Does Improving My Attic Insulation Save Me On Monthly Energy Bills?

If you choose to retrofit or upgrade your current attic insulation, the initial upgrade or renewal costs may seem pretty significant for homeowners. They’ll have to not only consider the cost of the new insulation material, but also the contractors doing the work. Although the upfront costs may be steep at times, the investment is very much worth it because of the long-term benefits it can provide.

Improving your attic insulation is a practical home improvement project that has to have detailed planning and budgeting. Your investment in high-quality attic insulation can improve your high R-value and net you savings of up to $600 in annual heating and cooling costs.

Be aware that the wrong Installation of insulating material in the attic can drastically reduce the amount of necessary airflow within the home. By improving attic insulation, the uneven temperatures that make things like air conditioning systems work all day can be mitigated. You won’t be wasting any cool air or powering up your AC constantly, reducing your overall carbon footprint and conserving your home’s energy.

Yes! Free energy grants are available for AC, Furnace, Water Heater, Heat Pumps, Attic Insulation, Basement Insulation and Windows & Doors.

Which Insulation Upgrades Are Qualified For The Home Efficiency Rebates?

As a homeowner in Ontario, you have multiple options for rebates that have different eligibility requirements. It can be difficult to narrow down which offers the most benefits for your retrofitting projects. However, our team at Canada Energy Audit will work with you through the Home Efficiency Rebate process and find all the possible improvements you can make in your home beforehand.

For example, rebates are often prorated based on the total ceiling area of the attic that is improved. A minimum of 20% needs to be upgraded in order to qualify for the rebates. Any combination of retrofitting in this area should not exceed $750 in total. Be prepared to know what you’ll be improving and what you need to pay in order to achieve them.

Contact Canada Energy Audit today to have one of our professionals inspect your home and get you the rebates you need. Schedule a meeting with us now to learn more about different energy rebate programs and whether your home qualifies.

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